SEO: DoFollow links in blog comments or NoFollow

Webmasters, who run a blog, eventually come to the question whether DoFollow links in blog comments are good or not. Opinions are divided. As a webmaster is pleased with new commentary, an SEO suggests maybe his hands above his head. Webmasters, you can allow dofollow comments in his blog. On the other hand, would it be better to stay with the conventional NoFollow blog comments?

NoFollow or DoFollow

A brief definition for the very inexperienced webmaster. “NoFollow” and “Dofollow” are two HTML attributes that can be attached to a link as an option. Why is this necessary? As part of assessing a website from the perspective of a search engine, the attributes of links play an important role. A link to a website is the search engine that the linked web site contains additional information. This is the view of the webmaster – a good and important information.Under this links the webmaster so inherited a part of his “authority website” on the linked page. A search engine classifies a link in exactly this way. A link from a strong authoritarian website brings more than trust, than that of a weak authoritarian website.

However, there are also many links, which are not intended by the webmaster as further information but serve other purposes. Advertising, for example, would destroy this, because without the NoFollow attribute would any website, advertising for Google, keep up the Trust and bequeath to Google Pagerank. That would not be the intention of the inventor. For this reason, the NoFollow attribute has been inserted.

DoFollow comments from SEO point of view

Even those who have not yet set a lot with the topic of SEO apart might have concluded that for the link, you have to be careful. For this reason, the manual control of the set comment links to a blog that offers DoFollow comments is very important. I personally think it is the same. I offer DoFollow comments on website to start, but all links are checked by me personally and are released.

DoFollow links in WordPress

Anyone who uses the WordPress CMS, can draw on the Do Follow plugin by Denis de Bernady. With this plugin, you can activate and use DoFollow-up comments by clicking.