SEO: Whether Backlinks are valuable?

After it was recognized that backlinks are valuable, of course, smart people are tantamount to an idea. It has sought blogs that are topic-relevant comments and left them – with the keyword as name and their website as a link. This one has packed in an automatic script and has generated thousands of backlinks so. Of course, this is not at all in the sense of Google.

Google algorithm

Fact is that the Internet is changing from day to day. In addition, Google and its algorithm changes from day to day. Looking back can be stated here that Google adjusts its algorithm always so that he cannot be cheated up. At least as far as that is possible. In addition, those who cheat and better rankings will sneak this pleasure only entertaining, because Google is working constantly to improve its methods for combating spam. New algorithms are programmed. Backlinks are not dead yet but one day it will happen. Therefore, a question now arises: What can you do to continue to have good rankings?

The future without backlinks?

Whether backlinks in future continue to be a serious SEO action or not, no one can say. However, the development of Google then suggested that other measures could just replace the backlinks. Nevertheless, what could it be?
One was and is always important for Google: Content! In addition, if one analyses the past you can see that Google has always placed much emphasis on good content. Content = Good = SERPs Satisfied Satisfied Advertisers seekers = the big money. Therefore, it looks good.

Many webmasters are doing in the early stages the big mistake and put measures on SEO and build backlinks and optimize back and forth, forgetting one important thing: your page looks at someone only if it offers something good! Good and high quality content is the most important thing. In a future when backlinks may not be as important as today, content becomes the main pillars of a website.